How to create drafts in Eleventy

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As I wrote in my definitive guide doesn't impose you anything, so it doesn't have a default way to have drafts for your posts.

But having drafts it's useful, especially when the post takes a lot to write. Let's see how we can add them to our sites.

Drafts in Eleventy: the idea

The idea is to add a draft key to the Front Matter of our posts, so that when we set that to true the post will be considered a draft.

Then we'll create a collection for all published posts, and use that to print a list.

Let's write the code for adding drafts in 11ty

I'm assuming that you have your posts in the src/posts folder and a .eleventy.js file for your configuration. Open it and add this code:

  const now = new Date();

const publishedPosts = (post) => <= now && !; // [1]

eleventyConfig.addCollection("posts", (collection) => { // [2]
return collection
.getFilteredByGlob("./src/posts/*.md") // [3]
.filter(publishedPosts); // [4]

Let's go step by step.

In [1] we are defining a function, publishedPosts that takes a post argument and checks for two things:

  1. if is before now: so the post is not scheduled to be published in the future
  2. if the post has a draft key in the front matter that's set to a truthy value

Then in [2] we create a posts collection, using the addCollection method provided by Eleventy. This method accepts a collection API object as a parameter.

In [3] we fetch all markdown files in the src/posts folder, using the getFilteredByGlob method, that allows us to use a the *.md to specify this group of files.

Finally in [4] we filter out all the posts that don't match the condition defined in the publishedPosts function, our drafts!

Now that we have our collection of published posts, we can now list them.

{%- set postslist = collections.posts | reverse -%}

{%- for post in postslist -%}
<a href="{{ post.url | url }}">{{ }}</a>
{%- endfor -%}

And that's it, drafts in Eleventy!