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  • My 2017 reading challenge

    My 2017 reading challenge

    Last year I decided that I wanted to read more. So I set myself a goal to read 53 books in one year. I failed (That’s a recurring theme). During the challenge, that started the 31st of October 2016, I managed to read ~25 books. Here they are: Intercom on Product Management Great book Docker […]

  • The Design of Everyday Things

    The Design of Everyday Things

    This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Even if I’m not a designer by trade, I’ve been always curious about the processes behind it. And this book helped me understand a lot about how things are designed and how the design is dependent on the interaction with people using an object. I […]

  • Which country does the most good for the world?

    We clearly need to find ways of encouraging countries to start working together a little bit better. And why won't they do that? Why is it that our leaders still persist in looking inwards? Simon Anholt

  • Family reunion

    Family reunion

  • Donna mia

  • Is it possible to do negative work?

    Is it possible to do negative work?

    That is far from the truth. Not all developers will bring positive value to your team. I understand the pressure of tight timelines, but hiring in desperation won’t solve that problem. It’ll make it worse. Bad developers will not only slow you down, but they can cause your great developers to leave your company. You […]

  • Estonia is leading our future

    Perhaps only a place that started over from scratch in 1991 could reimagine the idea of a country. As I watch the Starship robots maneuver across the company’s office in Tallinn, CEO Heinla says he believes Estonians, after decades of living under Soviet rule, were uniquely suited to creating new ways of doing things, including […]

  • Is America anti-innovation?

    Is America anti-innovation?

    It’s hard to imagine a more irrational way to organize society. Capitalism prides itself on allocating resources well – if it creates inequality, its defenders argue, at least it also creates growth. Increasingly, that’s no longer the case. In its infinite wisdom, capitalism is eating itself alive. A saner system would recognize that innovation is […]

  • AI Playbook

    AI Playbook

    We’ve written the survey specifically as a starting place for business and technical people just beginning their own journeys with artificial intelligence and are teasing apart what’s real from what’s hype. We assume you are involved in creating, managing, or green lighting software and want to understand how AI can give your software super powers […]

  • Is jQuery still a thing?

    Is jQuery still a thing?

    There’s a big stigma around using jQuery lately . It seems like everyone is insistent on avoiding it in modern JavaScript development. Lately developers are all talking about things like TypeScript, ECMA2015+, and the current flavor of the month framework. I think this is silly. jQuery is still very much relevant in 2017 — it […]

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