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  • PLG is a distribution strategy

    One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen in implementing product-led growth is thinking that it means “product team”-led growth. PLG is a distribution strategy, and as such it involves the whole company! You as a founder should be super clear that it involves everyone, and that sales, product, marketing, design, tech, ops should all work […]

  • App Suggestion: Raycast

    I’m in love with Raycast! https://www.raycast.com/

  • A romantic

    Am I too romantic? A few days ago, I had another founder tell me that I’m too romantic about my business. We were talking about our business: his view was that a business is created to make money, while I was advocating that the main goal was impact (on the world, on people, on the […]

  • Taking product decisions in SaaS

    For some reason, it seems that decision-making in SaaS lives just at two extremes: People swing from one extreme to the other, reacting to the fallacy of both. The middle ground, “Let’s take data into account and then make an informed decision” is often dismissed as too naive.

  • SaaS Myths

    There are a few myths in SaaS: Can you suggest me others?

  • Getting back ownership of my content

    After Twitter’s recent events, I decided to reorganize a bit the way I publish things online. I’ve always been a fan of the Indie Web movement and have tried to apply their principles. This website should have been my central place to publish things and broadcast them everywhere. But I had a friction issue. Until […]

  • How to build a website with Eleventy and deploy it on Netlify

  • Eleventy: React/Vue-like components in nunjucks with macros

    I’m experimenting a lot with Eleventy lately, and with nunjucks, since it’s one of the supported template engines. Today I wanted to create a reusable container macro to avoid repeating the same wrapper over and over. I first tried with a macro like this: It worked. But the downside was that I had to write […]

  • Una nuova avventura

    Mi ero detto che avrei pubblicato questo post appena la situazione si fosse normalizzata. Ma visto che non so quando succederà, ho deciso di pubblicarlo adesso. Il 13 marzo scorso, è stato il mio ultimo giorno di lavoro da dipendente: ho deciso di aprire un’azienda insieme a Giuseppe.

  • My highlights for “The Elements of User Experience”

    My highlights for “The Elements of User Experience”

    Lately for a project I’m involved on (and about which I’ll talk in a later post) I’m studying and reading a lot about User Experience. I’m not new to the concepts of good UX and I’ve read a lot of articles in the past ten years. What I’ve missed is a comprehensive overview of the […]

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