A JavaScript framework on every table

For example, the most recent TodoMVC pull request, as of this writing, wants to add Riot.js 2.0. What is Riot.js 2.0, you ask? Apparently, it’s the second version of something called Riot.js, an app framework that’s like React.js, but better in some ways that are definitely important. “But wait,” you may ask, “didn’t React like just come out and isn’t even 1.0 yet? How can a thing based on it be 2.0 already?!” The answer, my friend, is JavaScript.

Source: http://www.allenpike.com/2015/javascript-framework-fatigue/

Sapere prima di fare (sulla coincidenza)

Ecco un altro episodio che mi ha insegnato come sia necessario sapere prima di fare.

Il compito che mi era stato assegnato era semplicissimo: mostrare una data formattata in JavaScript, tipo 7 Ottobre 2012. Che difficoltà poteva esserci?

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