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November Indie Hackers Milan Meetup

Last Thursday we had our first Indie Hackers Milan meetup.

The meetup

I gave a quick presentation about the meetup and how Valeria, Bignè and I decided to start this adventure, then we jumped headfirst in the discussion.

As some of you may know, I have some experience running meetups, but I don’t know much about Indie Hacking. So I was really interested in getting feedback from the community about what topics we should cover in the meetings.

It turned out a great discussion: Artur from Grapedrop told us about his product and story and how he’s looking to narrow down his niche since the current one isn’t working out in his opinion.

Then Alessandro from Camicia On Demand explained his project to help people not to buy, iron and clean their shirts. A cool idea for busy professionals.

Lastly, Anteneh shared a preview of his project to help commerce in Ethiopia, and we all discussed the impediments of not having an already working infrastructure and how to overcome them.

There were a lot of other conversations, but too many to write them here 🙂

A new journey

It was really great to get again on stage, presenting the project, and learning from the attendees. I missed it very much.

It’s so energizing to see so many people giving it all to follow their dreams, build their projects, learn from their mistakes and never give up. It’s really what I needed to help me wake up from the pause I forced myself into.

Thanks again to Mikamai and Linkme for having us: I can’t wait for the next one!






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