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  • Eleventy: React/Vue-like components in nunjucks with macros

    I’m experimenting a lot with Eleventy lately, and with nunjucks, since it’s one of the supported template engines. Today I wanted to create a reusable container macro to avoid repeating the same wrapper over and over. I first tried with a macro like this: It worked. But the downside was that I had to write […]

  • A PHP time-lapse: tools and resources for Modern PHP

    A PHP time-lapse: tools and resources for Modern PHP

    PHP has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a simple scripting language and Modern PHP has several peculiar traits (see what I did there?) But with a simple Google search along with great material about how to write Modern PHP you will find a lot of outdated blog posts or resources that […]

  • Your improvement is your responsibility

    Your improvement is your responsibility

    I really liked the introduction from the book Exercises for Programmers, by Brian P. Hogan: Practice makes permanent. A concert pianist practices many hours a day, learning music, practicing drills, and honing her skills. She practices the same piece of music over and over, learning every little detail to get it just right. Because when she […]

  • AI Playbook

    AI Playbook

    We’ve written the survey specifically as a starting place for business and technical people just beginning their own journeys with artificial intelligence and are teasing apart what’s real from what’s hype. We assume you are involved in creating, managing, or green lighting software and want to understand how AI can give your software super powers […]

  • Is jQuery still a thing?

    Is jQuery still a thing?

    There’s a big stigma around using jQuery lately . It seems like everyone is insistent on avoiding it in modern JavaScript development. Lately developers are all talking about things like TypeScript, ECMA2015+, and the current flavor of the month framework. I think this is silly. jQuery is still very much relevant in 2017 — it […]

  • Potential roadmap for multisite

    Three plus years later, we’re still finding oddities in old MU code, so it makes sense to bide our time and only undergo renames when they let us shed dead weight. The side effect of keeping the barrier to entry high for multisite is not necessarily a bad one — even three years after merge, […]

  • Free React Course

    High quality online and in person resources for learning the React ecosystem from the creators of React Router. Source: Learn React from the creators of React Router

  • On interruptions and growth

    On interruptions and growth

    Today was a tough day: one of those days when you’re trying to achieve your todo list items, but it just seems that the world is against you. Then I had an epiphany. As many of you know, I’m a software developer. I always thought that my job was to produce lines of code, to […]

  • Have you ever heard of concurrent operations?

    While reading some code in a legacy codebase: this should fetch the last user $user = Userlib::createnew_user('0', $_POST["str_Username"], $_POST["str_Password"], # neverending params list); $user_id = Userlib::list_user(" 1=1 ORDER BY id_user DESC LIMIT 1 "); # OMG

  • 5 tips for writing good code

    Code is written for humans, so we need to lessen its cognitive load Read more on Christian M. Mackeprang’s blog.