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  • Your improvement is your responsibility

    Your improvement is your responsibility

    I really liked the introduction from the book Exercises for Programmers, by Brian P. Hogan: Practice makes permanent. A concert pianist practices many hours a day, learning music, practicing drills, and honing her skills. She practices the same piece of music over and over, learning every little detail to get it just right. Because when she […]

  • On interruptions and growth

    On interruptions and growth

    Today was a tough day: one of those days when you’re trying to achieve your todo list items, but it just seems that the world is against you. Then I had an epiphany. As many of you know, I’m a software developer. I always thought that my job was to produce lines of code, to […]

  • Can you have a life outside coding?

    Life happens. People meet other people who become partners. People have kids. People build families. Developers are people. A great post by Belén Albeza

  • Do you ask for code reviews?

    Lately I find myself asking for code reviews more often. I used to think exactly as Wiegers put it: Anyone who needs his code reviewed shouldn’t be getting paid as a software developer But that’s not true. Code reviews improve code quality a lot! And, as a side effect, they improve also team cohesion. So […]