Programming is a creative work

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The truth is, programming is a creative work. When you look at other creative professions, there are small bursts of creative output that provide the bulk of the total output. The rest of the time is either busy work, clean up, or goofing off.The modern workplace assumes a 40 hour week because “that’s just what it is”. With the efficiency gains of technology, almost nobody is really working a full 40 hours. And frankly they shouldn’t.

Source: How do you make programmers work 60-80 hours per week?

Empathy in Code Reviews

A PC with a mug

The way you write is everything. Don’t correct people — ask them for clarification. Assume they know something that you don’t. This is a really important thing! Assume that your co-workers are smart and are doing a good job.

Written communication can be tricky — it’s missing a lot of the social clues that let people know what you’re thinking. It’s easy to put people on the defensive, so take the time to try to use empathy words. — “us”, “our”, “we” are much better than “you”, “your”, and “mine”. You’re all on the same team, after all.

Source: How About Code Reviews? – Several People Are Coding

About the last few months

It was a stressful period, but it was worth it. I’m proud to be part of this

Italy’s MotorK, a company that offers digital services to the automotive industry, raises $10M Series A

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