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  • Back from the holidays: hiking around Monte Bianco

    Back from the holidays: hiking around Monte Bianco

    When I was younger, I usually went hiking with my dad. He had one of those hiking guides that lists all the walks in a certain region; I still remember the name: “Il Cammina Campania. Guida WWF”. I have wonderful memories of those walks: the early wake-up, me sleeping in the car, the 4+ hours […]

  • How to Pick a Career by Tim Urban

    How to Pick a Career by Tim Urban

    We all have been there. That feeling of being pushed by something on our path. The idea that something else could be right for us.  If you find yourself in the middle of a career that doesn’t fit you, do yourself a favor, set aside a few hours, and read this article: How to Pick […]

  • My 2017 reading challenge

    My 2017 reading challenge

    Last year I decided that I wanted to read more. So I set myself a goal to read 53 books in one year. I failed (That’s a recurring theme). During the challenge, that started the 31st of October 2016, I managed to read ~25 books. Here they are: Intercom on Product Management Great book Docker […]

  • Which country does the most good for the world?

    We clearly need to find ways of encouraging countries to start working together a little bit better. And why won't they do that? Why is it that our leaders still persist in looking inwards? Simon Anholt

  • Donna mia

  • Impersonal feedback

    Happily, over the years I’ve learned that it *is* possible to take critical feedback (and, more broadly, failure) less personally. Of course I still feel disappointed when I fail, or when someone I respect tells me that what I’m doing feels off-track or isn’t going well. We all want to succeed and we all want […]

  • Updates to the WordPress Unit Testing infrastructure

    If your project has its own testing coverage, you should read about this update to WordPress unit testing infrastructure.

  • Brain-Machine Interfaces: a journey inside our brain

    This post (or I should say book, given its length) is a masterpiece. Read Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future on Wait But Why  

  • Programming is a creative work

    Programming is a creative work

    The truth is, programming is a creative work. When you look at other creative professions, there are small bursts of creative output that provide the bulk of the total output. The rest of the time is either busy work, clean up, or goofing off.The modern workplace assumes a 40 hour week because “that’s just what […]

  • Empathy in Code Reviews

    Empathy in Code Reviews

    The way you write is everything. Don’t correct people — ask them for clarification. Assume they know something that you don’t. This is a really important thing! Assume that your co-workers are smart and are doing a good job. Written communication can be tricky — it’s missing a lot of the social clues that let people know what you’re […]