Learning to swim

Reacting to React – Episode 2

What to do after following the official React tutorial?

My suggestion is RTFM! (React docs)

It’s not sexy, it’s not appealing but it’s like medicine: you’ll not like it, but it will make you feel good.

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t need the manual. Show me some code, show me how to make a todo list and I’ll figure out the rest”. 

I’ve been there: what you’ll end up with is a collection of pieces and you’ll miss the big picture.

Try it the other way around: read all the documentation (it’s not that big) and then follow the tutorials. You don’t need to read it thoroughly: a fast read, just to know the keywords.

In this way, you’ll know that componentDidMount is not some custom-named method, but it’s part of the Component lifecycle.

Or you’ll understand the reason why there is an className attribute and not a class one.

In short: you’ll have something that will help you to connect the dots, and everything will be clearer.

Just take your time to read the documentation, it will be worth it.

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