Startup scaling and personal feelings: “Give away your Legos”

One of the best articles I’ve read in a while. Usually, I’m very attached to projects I work on and I’ve felt this way a lot of times:

“As you add people, you go through this roller coaster of, ‘Wait, is that new person taking my job? What if they don’t do it the right way? What if they’re better than me at it? What do I do now?’. These are some strong emotions, and even if they’re predictable, they can be unnerving.” In order to get to a really high-functioning, larger team, you have to help everyone get through this roller coaster. If you don’t, you can end up with a real mess.

So, if your startup is scaling, go on and read ‘Give Away Your Legos’ and Other Commandments for Scaling Startups






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