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One year, 53 books: a personal challenge

During the last two years, I did a lot of new things, trying to give back to the WordPress community: I volunteered at two WordCamps, Vienna and Turin, where I was also a speaker and, lately, I co-organized WordCamp Milano (I will talk about it in a different post). Not talking about the WordPress Meetup Milano that I co-organize since March 2015.

It was fantastic.

But being so active is no easy task, and requires a lot of energy and attention, so you end up ignoring other aspects of your life.

For example, I realized that during the last two years, I didn’t focus very much on my learning path.

Being a knowledge worker means that learning should be a core part of your life. And books represent a central source of learning.

I didn’t read a lot of books in the last few years so here is my resolution: I’ve decided to read (at least) 53 books in one year. That’s just a little more than one book a week (for you math people it’s 1,01923076923077 books a week).

I know that it will be difficult and I don’t know if I can do this but how’s the saying:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Here some FAQs:

This seems like a new year’s resolution. Will you start in January?

No. The best moment to start a new activity is always now. So I started this challenge last week, 31/10/2016. And since then I already finished my first book: Everybody Writes by Ann Handley (that’s also one of the reasons why I’m writing this post).

What books will you read?

Every book that I’ll find interesting! I started (again) to track my activity on my Goodreads account, if anyone is interested. I think I’ll start with entrepreneurship books, followed by crime stories and sci-fi. And, obviously, Computer Science!

Will unfinished books count towards your goal?

No. If I realize I can’t finish the book, it will not count as read.

53 books? I read _insert ridiculously high number here_ books per year!

Ogne scarrafone è bell’ a mamma soja





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